February 27, 2018


Priority One Medical Services uses a variety of vehicles which can be used to suit each event requirements. All of our vehicles have full blue light insurance and are regularly maintained to ensure they are in readiness for any eventuality. Each vehicle is subject to daily routine cleaning as well as a rolling 6-week Deep Cleaning.

Motorcycle Responder

We use our Motorcycle Responder to get to inaccessible patients that one of our other vehicles may not be able to get to. It is crewed by one of our Emergency Medical Responder qualified personnel and has blue light capability which enables rapid and immediate medical care until one of our other resources can back them up and take over care if needed

RRV – Rapid Response Vehicles

rapid response ambulance

We use Rapid Response Vehicles to ensure that we can get help to the most ungently required injuries as quickly as possible. Each vehicle is equipped with Medical Gasses, a Defibrillator, Splints as well as a full trauma and medical kits.

These vehicles are manned by experienced medical personnel who will stabilise the casualty and then refer them for further help or discharge them.

4×4 Support Vehicle

Our 4×4 event support vehicle is used to enable us to transport staff and resources to any casualty that is inaccessible by our other resources. The 4×4 is used by any of our staff to allow off road access and deliver immediate medical care. This vehicle is kitted to Emergency Response level and carries a variety of medical equipment and a defibrillator.

Ambulance/Mobile Treatment Unit

main treatment ambulance

These vehicles are used in the following capacities depending on the event requirements.

These vehicles carry fully ambulance equipment to deal with full medical and trauma incidents as well as being able to provide a safe, warm and private area for the treatment of any casualties.

As an Event Ambulance it can be used on an event to rapidly assess and treat any serious injuries, then transfer them to an on-site treatment centre if available or onward for further emergency treatment if critical at a hospital. In this capacity it is manned by experienced ambulance qualified staff to ensure quality care.

As a Treatment Unit it can be used at an event as a static treatment unit where it will be manned by First Aid staff. This unit will be used as a first aid post treating minor injuries and coordinating the further treatment of casualties if needed.